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Are You Interested In A Custom, Quality Pool?

At Cedar Creek Pools, we are a company dedicated to making your outdoor living space something that meets your lifestyle and that you can be proud of. We work directly with your from the design phase to build your project within your budget.

In addition to your outdoor pool, we are also capable of designing and building out the entirety of your outdoor living space with additional features that compliment your space.

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Ready to Start Your Project?

Giving You Peace of Mind With Our 30+ Years of Experience


We work with you using our pool design software to design a pool that meets your standards within your budget.


After we finalize the design for your pool, we will visually layout the outline in your yard so you can see exactly how it will fit.


This is where the fun begins and you get to see your new project come alive. We start by digging out the shape and depth of your pool according to your design.


Structural Steel is the steel reinforcement that creates the backbone of your pool to give it added strength per the plans.

We then lay out a series of steel reinforcement bars specifically engineered for your pool design requirements.

After we lay out the plumbing of your pool, being sure to make all of the proper pipe and pressure checks throughout the entirety of your project. This ensures that your system will last you as long as possible.


After we have all of the plumbing and structure done, we then work to install the necessary electrical equipment needed for your pool to function (such as lights). We will need to consult you in order to do this safely without damaging already installed equipment in your yard, such as sprinkler systems, plants, etc.


After the structure, plumbing, and electricity is all finished, the next step is to obtain approval from the city on your project’s progress. After obtaining the necessary approval, our crew will then come in and fill your pool with concrete. This concrete is then carefully sculpted and smoothed to shape the interior of your pool.


We then work to finish the surrounding hardscaping to your pool such as your pool deck or any raised surface around your pool.


Here we will install 6 inches of tile around the top of your pool’s shell which will establish its waterline.


After the interior concrete is finished and dried, and the tile is installed, we begin finishing the interior. This can take up to 2 days to finish depending on the material used for your pool’s interior.


After the pool is completed, we then work to construct any additional amenities to your outdoor living space that were included in your design. Such amenities include; outdoor kitchenslandscapinglandscape lightingfencing, and arbors & trellises.


Before we finish the interior, and after the build is complete, we work to cleanup any mess that was made throughout the pool construction process.

After everything is cleaned, we then fill up your pool, startup your equipment, and apply the necessary chemicals to your pool to ensure that its ready to be used!

We’ll also give you a quick rundown on how to maintain your pool.